Name Image  Note
PC  included in the price
Ethernet kabel    included in the price
Trackball    included in the price
PC holder    included in the price
Tool holder    included in the price
Tool storage 9 positions    included in the price*
Spindle 1,9kW/S1, 0 - 24 000ot/min, IMT    included in the price*
Spindle 2,1kW/S1, 0 - 24 000ot/min, HSD    included in the price
Glow gun    included in the price*
Taper  ISO 20 IMT    optional accessories
Taper  ISO 20 IMT HK    optional accessories
Taper ISO 20 CH    included in the price*
Holding jig ISO 20    included in the price*
Combination spanner 22    included in the price*
Hook spanner    optional accessories
ER25 spanner wrench  optional accessories
Clamping pallet 125x125    included in the price
Clamping pallet 225x225    optional accessories
Clamping pallet 456x380    optional accessories
Šrouby M6 a M8 pro upnutí    included in the price
Collet ER16 set (1 - 10)    optional accessories
Collet ER16 (1ks arbitrary)    optional accessories
Collet ER25 set (1 - 10)  optional accessories
Collet ER25 (1ks arbitrary)  optional accessories
MP-1 Grease  optional accessories
Vacuum Clamping Mat 385x235mm    optional accessories
VA-1 Vacuum Aggregate    optional accessories
65 dB Compressor Silent    optional accessories
65 dB Compressor    optional accessories
Oil Mist Collector    optional accessories
 MOBIL VACTRA oil NO.2 0,5l    included in the price
Oilcan  included in the price
Touch Probe for Machine Tools    optional accessories
 Set of Imbus Keys    optional accessories
 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner    optional accessories
 Tool set    optional accessories

* Applies to machie with a tool storage

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