Cooling device MP-1

optional accessories

The lubrication device 1 is designed for precise mixing of MP air with oil and the creation of a very fine oil ml intended exclusively for cooling and lubricating tools during chip machining. It is mainly used in milling, turning, drilling, thread cutting, thread forming and cutting material. It is particularly suitable for machining Al alloys and non-ferrous metals.

As a lubricant and coolant for machining, it is possible to use cutting oils with a viscosity according to ISO 3448 in the range of 20-40 mm2/s at 40 °C, for example Accu-lube. It is suitable for machining especially Al alloys and non-ferrous metals by milling, turning, drilling, cutting and forming threads. It is also very suitable for cutting material on band and circular saws.

The device is attached to the machine using screws or built-in magnets. If there is no suitable steel surface on the machine, a self-adhesive steel plate is also included in the delivery. The nozzle holder is also equipped with a magnetic grip that holds well on both flat and cylindrical surfaces.

Inlet air pressure6-10Bar
Maximum air consumption80l/min
Oil consumption0,1-2ml/hod
Average oil consumption0,5ml/hod
Oil container volume7,5ml
Approximate weight1kg

Included in the product:

  • Lubricator with cap
  • Magnetic joint hose holder
  • Articulated hose – 10 links
  • Coaxial nozzle
  • 0.5 l of Accu-lube cutting oil
  • A set of hoses
  • Pipe wrench