SLV EDU CNC Milling Machines for schools, modelers and prototyping workshops

We are a company focused on the development and manufacturing of Mini/Small CNC milling machines. Primarily, our machines aim to serve educational purposes, prototyping workshops, modelers and producers of electronics. Simple use and installation are considered from machine development onward. An SLV EDU machine weighs only 250kg and its dimensions allow passage through a 90-cm-wide door. The power supply requires 230V. SVL EDU machines are small in size, dynamic, fast and accurate. Due to the dynamics, speed and accuracy, you can perform even advanced machining operations. That way, our CNC machines resemble the production machines well known from the filed of modern production as close as possible.

Introducing CNC Machines


5. 6. 2018

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16. 1. 2018

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